Wellness Care

Wellness care includes the services that help our pets stay healthy. A thorough physical examination, appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, dietary supplements, and nutritional and behavioral counseling help pets live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

For puppies and kittens, our primary concerns are looking for congenital problems, detecting and treating parasites (almost all puppies and kittens are born with worms), and prevention of infectious diseases. We will also help with diet choice, amount and schedule of feeding, housebreaking and other behavioral issues.

For adult dogs and cats, an exam will aid in detecting problems before they develop into serious and expensive diseases or conditions. We can also screen for glaucoma in breeds with genetic predisposition.

For mature pets, an exam will help detect some chronic problems that may develop with age including arthritis, cancer, kidney disease, heart problems, or dental disease.

Regular vaccinations prevent infectious disease, protecting your pet and in some cases, human family members as well. Vaccines are recommended based on your pet’s life style and are especially important for puppies and kittens.

Screening tests can detect problems that are not apparent by physical exam alone. Early detection and treatment can help prevent more serious illness from developing, and help us manage ongoing health problems for a longer life.

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I love these guys! I was referred to them by my usual vet when they were completely booked and I was in a jam to get my sick kitty checked out before I left town. City Pets Vet worked me in immediately, gave my kitty great care, were very reasonable on pricing (did not ever try to upsell me on services or products), and were SO friendly to deal with. I will definitely go back! I have every confidence in their services.

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