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City Pets Vet is a full service veterinary practice located at 3521 SE Division Street. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art, compassionate care for dogs and cats in a friendly, comfortable neighborhood environment. We are proud to be a part of the Richmond / Clinton community and look forward to extending our services to pet owners throughout Southeast Portland.

At City Pets Vet, we take an individualized approach to your pet’s health care needs based on lifestyle, age and medical history. Always taking time to address your questions and concerns, City Pets Vet works to provide a personalized veterinary care experience. 

08/31/2021 - With the delta COVID-19 variant surging here in Oregon we have elected to remain curbside for the foreseeable future. We are committed to quality care and keeping both our clients and our teams safe. We ask that you wear a mask when interacting with our team despite being outdoors since often 6 feet of distance is impossible to maintain while passing a leash or carrier to the team.  If you are sick in any way we ask that you call to discuss options with the team before arriving for your appointment.  Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your pets. Your continued patience and kindness toward our team is greatly appreciated. 

06/28/2021 - COVID information: At this time we are still using curbside service. No changes will be made to our current COVID protocols this week. Our doors will remain locked and only patients will be allowed into the building.  Please look for an update after the July 4th holiday.


We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as our team works hard to provide excellent care to your pet. We are continuing our curbside service as mandated by Oregon OSHA.  Rest assured your pet receives the same compassionate care and attention they would receive as if you were here in the building with them.  Feel free to bring a favorite treat with you to your appointment that we may give during the appointment. (Please do not feed treats to pets that are vomiting.)

** We are pleased to announce that as of Saturday, 10/17/2020, we have reopened for extended Saturday hours (8am to 3pm.)

**COVID-19 Updates: 


In the face of rising COVID cases and the impending fall weather, the  Oregon OSHA has updated their mandates requiring Veterinary Facilities to continue curbside service for at least the next six months. Soon we will be providing a small covered area in the front of our building for shelter from the rain while admitting your pet. We ask that you do not wait for your pet under the covering so as to not create a  situation where individuals cannot maintain the required 6 feet of distance from others.  Once again thank you for your patience with us and your help in preventing the spread of COVID19.  In order to continue to be here to care for your pets our team needs to remain healthy. We will get through this together. 


Please note, masks are required at our facility, please remember to have your mask covering both your nose and mouth in place when interacting with our team. As we enter the fall and winter we will be contending with the regular flu and other illnesses concurrently with COVID-19. Our team will be unable to assist you and your pet without the proper face covering. 

Please continue to keep the entryways clear, as the rain begins we will be placing an awning up for shelter, please DO NOT block doorways and remember to keep at least 6 ft away from others.

Appointments are not intended to be drop off appointments, we are a small facility and do not have the room to house many pets. This means that our medical team must wait with your pet in an exam room causing delays for other clients. If you are unable to retrieve your pet after the doctor's call a day care fee of $30 will be applied to your bill.


We ask that when interacting with our team or waiting outside our facility that you wear a facial mask that covers both your nose and mouth. In order to maintain physical distancing we ask that you do not congregate around the front door. The medical team will come out to get your pet, keep in mind other pets may need access to the door, please wait a minimum of 6 feet away from the doorway. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe! 

Our team continues to work tirelessly to be here everyday in PPE to care for your pets, please be patient and kind. Remember appointments are not drop off appointments and we do not have the space to house pets for extended periods of time. Please be available by phone and readily available to retrieve your pet when the team has finished with their care. If you are not available when the doctor or team calls it will extend your appointment time and may affect the ability of the team to speak with you while your pet is still in the building. ** We have multiple phone lines, our main number may not appear on your caller ID. Please pick up a blocked call if you are waiting for your pet. 

Phoenix coffee shop on the corner of Division and 35th place has re-opened and has outdoor seating if you need a place to wait.


Multnomah County is re-opening, we at City Pets are still practicing our curbside protocols as follows:

Entry into the clinic will be limited to pets and team members only. The front door will remain locked at all times. When you arrive, please call the front desk (503-206-4163) or text us at 503-479-4595 so a team member can assist you.  We ask that you wait in your vehicle or at least 6 feet from the doors and other patrons. It is important to bring a working and charged cell phone to your appointment. If we are unable to contact you via phone it will be necessary to reschedule your appointment. 

During this time our team is working hard to deliver excellent pet care and customer service, while handling the challenges of communication , PPE and the sheer volume of pets in need of care. As such, wellness appointments (vaccines and routine care) are currently scheduling 4 weeks out to accommodate our sick and injured pets. Additionally, appointments are taking longer. Please expect your appointment to take from 45-90 minutes based on the needs of your individual pet. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time. 

FOR SAFETY: Dogs must be on secure (non extendable) leashes. A team member will exchange your leash for ours. Please DO NOT remove your leash until a team member has your pet securely on our leashes. 

CATS: Must be in a secure carrier. Unacceptable : pillow cases, cardboard boxes, or leash/ harness. We are experiencing off and on construction on Division and we need to ensure the safety of your cat.

We temporarily will be only accepting electronic payments. We will not be accepting Cash or checks at this time. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Care Credit. 

To pay your bill with Care Credit use  this online portal.  


Veterinary Clinics are considered essential services during Governor Kate Brown's Stay home, Save Lives mandate.  We are here to assist you and your pets. We have altered our work flow to abide by the 6 foot social distancing guidelines and continue to only allow pets and staff into the building. 

Need a prescription or your pet's prescription diet but are trying to respect the Stay home mandate? We can help! We offer home delivery. See the "online Store" section of this website or call the clinic at 503-206-4163 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.


Due to the mandate by Governor Brown yesterday evening we will no long be scheduling non emergency procedures which would require the use of surgical personal protective equipment (sterile gloves, masks etc.) All non emergency procedures that are currently scheduled will be canceled. At this time we are scheduling these procedures for June in hopes that we will once again be allowed to perform these procedures at that time. We are still scheduling for exams, vaccines and other outpatient treatments. Our team is working hard to reach out to everyone that is directly affected by these rulings. If you are unsure whether or not your pet's appointment falls in to this category, please reach out to us via email at info@citypetsvet.net and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Additionally, beginning Saturday 3/28/2020 we will temporarily be closed on Saturdays. 


Entry into the clinic will be limited to pets and team members only. The front door will remain locked at all times. When you arrive, please call the front desk (503-206-4163) so a team member can assist you. Due to the restaurant closures there are several nearby tables and benches that are available for waiting while you pet is examined. Alternatively you can return to your vehicle, the team will call you with all pertinent information and instructions. For safety: Dogs must be on secure (non extendable) leashes and cats must be in a secure carrier.

For food and medication refills - We will have you pre-pay over the phone so that when you arrive you can call the front desk and a team member will meet you at the door to dispense your items. 

Appointment scheduling:  In order to conserve on surgical equipment due to the national shortage we will not be scheduling any elective surgical procedures until May 2020. We will honor appointments that are already scheduled for this purpose. 

We will be scheduling appointments in a manner that allows for more space in between exams.


5:00pm The landscape is rapidly changing in relation to COVID-19.

Governor Kate Brown introduced further executive orders limiting the number of individuals that can gather to 25, recommending no more than 10.

As a medical facility we realize that many people and their pets depend on us. In order to comply with Governor Brown's new recommendations in the best way we can, without closing our facility, we have adopted new guidelines:

Our pet care teams will be conducting intake questions, exam findings and discharge instructions and collecting payment over the phone. Please come to your appointment with a cell phone that the team can call you on to discuss your pet's medical needs.

Pet exams will happen away from the exam room and pet owner. During the exam you are welcome to wait in the exam room, outside, or in your vehicle. We ask that you not wait in the lobby or leave the premises beyond these options.

We understand that this is a new approach to medical care and that likely it isn't your first choice - it isn't ours either. We look forward to the near future when we can resume the personal interactions with the clients we love. Thank you for your understanding.


We hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy. As many of you are aware, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in and around Portland, including Multnomah county. We are doing our part to flatten the curve and ask that you do the same.

We ask that if you or a family member is ill, please reschedule your pet's appointment. If your pet is ill and needs care, please ask a responsible adult to bring your pet to the clinic. Let us know who will be bringing your pet and then the doctor can call you about your pet's care.

In order to reduce exposure for our team and clients we will be limiting the number of adult pet owners in the exam room to one.

We are cleaning all high contact surfaces hourly, requiring sick team members to stay home and staying up to date with local and federal guidelines as well as the WHO recommendations.

Stay healthy Portland!

Carol Hurn D.V.M. | 

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I love these guys! I was referred to them by my usual vet when they were completely booked and I was in a jam to get my sick kitty checked out before I left town. City Pets Vet worked me in immediately, gave my kitty great care, were very reasonable on pricing (did not ever try to upsell me on services or products), and were SO friendly to deal with. I will definitely go back! I have every confidence in their services.

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